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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eternity and So Much More!

Most of our customers seem to overlook the versatility of the eternity band. Since we just got this lovely new band, we wanted to try and set the record straight of this great genre of bands :) Which band made us want to rectify this?
This beautiful leaf designed band - isn't it so pretty?! The "leaf" sections of the band are actually clusters of small round diamonds that are set to make the leaf shape and they are separated by bezel set round diamonds. The band has a combined weight of 0.85 carats in this size 7.5. This band just deserves to be worn and loved, and it was a great candidate to show the different ways you can wear eternity bands.
First off, we have the time honored classic - an eternity band next to a 0.82 carat round diamond solitaire. The glory of this combo is that is really will match anything else you wear. We've accessorized it here with a simple 3 ctw diamond tennis bracelet, but really the options are endless!
If you're a fan of a little more pizazz in your engagement ring, you could choose something like this 1.03 ct radiant cut yellow diamond ring. The ring is 18 karat and 22 karat gold with another 0.97 carats in the side diamonds - plus the center diamond is bezel set to add extra security. This engagement ring works for one simple reason - it has a shelf style halo. The "shelf style" means that the band is able to tuck under the halo area, giving you the freedom to pair it with any band that has a flat edge. We accessorized this combo with a beautiful antique hand-cut filigree bracelet, giving this look a great balance of vintage and modern style.
If you're more the customer who likes to change things up easily, why not use the eternity band as a stacker? Here we have the eternity band with a simple 1/2 ctw diamond band and a 2 mm plain gold band on either side. The glory of this combo is that you can change it up at any moment! Don't feel like wearing all three? Just wear the band alone, or with only the plain band if you'd like to tone things down a bit. Want a different look a few years later? It's much less expensive to purchase a new side band than to change out your entire wedding set if you went the traditional engagement ring route. This combo also would work beautifully for a right hand ring! We accessorized the stacker set with a simple but elegant Bulova watch (#96R137), giving this a great "everyday" sort of look. You can dress it up or down as you please :)
The final look we put together is what I think is the most elegant. This band is a wonderful addition to this Gabriel & Co engagement ring (style number ER5375) with a 1.28 ct center diamond and another 0.44 carats on the sides. This engagement ring has a fairly flat side and a shelf style halo, letting the band slide just under the engagement to look like a set. The band is set in a similar style to the engagement ring (micro pavĂ©), so the rings still look like they belong together even though the  come from different designers. To amp up the elegance of this look, we accessorized it with a simple  6-7 mm Akoya pearl bracelet - always a classic look!
As you can see, an eternity band can be so much more than just sitting by itself! This simple designed band is much more versatile than most would give it credit for.

Like any of these looks? Come in our store anytime to see them in person!

Monday, March 31, 2014

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We have had some serious blog silence for the last ... Oh, 3.5 years, lol. Things have been very busy in our shop, but we have exciting things going on all the time. We now have a better set up and will be able to blog more often to give our customers a glimpse behind the scenes here at Kline's Jewelry.

We have loads of fun and useful posts planned, so check back often! We promise we won't wait so long to post again :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

We Have The Limited Edition Accutron Spaceview!

Accutron has come out with a 50th anniversary edition of their original Spaceview watch! It is an exact replica with the original tuning fork movement and everything, but the outer case is a tiny bit bigger.

We are one of a very select list of stores throughout the country to receive a watch from the first set that were sent out. There will only be 1000 of these watches made and each watch is numbered. These are already difficult to find, so don't let the opportunity pass you by to purchase one in your own backyard.

This watch comes with all authenticity paperwork, a glass display case with the watch's number on an engraved plaque, and a storage box. We are selling ours for the suggested retail of $3999.95.

For more information on this piece, go to Bulova's website.

Come in and see it today!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Item! Voluspa Candles!

The Kline family has long been a fan of Voluspa brand candles, and about a month ago Shannon had the idea, "Why don't we carry them in our store?"

Fast forward to today, and we now have various selections from their Maison Noir Collection and Japonica Collection.

The Voluspa line was created by a husband and wife team from Lake Forest, California in 1999. Traci Arntsen, the wife of the team, says, "We began conducting experiments working with every wax and material used for candles that we could find. I even imported floral waxes from India to see what we could create with those. Our goal was to make a candle that burned clean and deep into the wax in order to maximize both glow and fragrance throw. Once we started to blend waxes, working with those traditionally used by European candle-makers, we made tremendous progress. The resulting formula from these experiments is a highly refined blend of several types of exceptional quality waxes. These waxes combined handled every fragrance we developed expertly, yielded an extended burn time, and a lustrous glow."

"Voluspa Candles are pure luxury. We don't cut corners or put anything into our candles that is not of the highest quality. Our fragrances are second to none and take hours of careful development to create. With over 50 to choose from throughout the Voluspa collections there is truly something for everyone... We love what we do and have much more to come."

From the Maison Noir Collection, we have :
Crisp Champagne, Lichen & Vetiver, and Vervaine Olive Leaf.

From the Japonica Collection, we have:
Santiago Huckleberry, French Cade and Lavendar, Goji and Tarocco Orange, and Baltic Amber.

We love everything about these candles, from the presentation and packaging, to the scents, to the prices! They last a long time and they really fill the room with the scent.

We have some that are 3 wick candles in decorative tins, some in tall decorative ceramic jars, and some that are classic glass.
Come by today to see and smell our newest products!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Large Knuckle Solution!

We have customers come in everyday who want to get their rings sized, but can't quite find the perfect fit. For many, the size that fits over their knuckle makes the ring spin around once it gets to the back of their finger. Unfortunately, we could only tell each concerned ring sizee that we can only make the ring the size they tell us to as there is no happy medium in these cases.

Over the many years we have been in business, we have seen all kinds of products claiming to solve this problem, from putting balls of gold in the shank (which are uncomfortable and not very effective) to a company who manufactures their own special shank (which works wonderfully, but usually costs more than you paid for your ring). The only cost effective option that tends to help the most is a temporary metal ring guard, which don't last very long and can scratch your finger as they get older.

So, why am I telling you all these problems we have had? Because we have recently found a very effective alternative!

This little bar has to be soldered onto one side of the bottom of your ring, then a small notch is made in the other side of the shank. Once it's on, you just slide your ring on, then snap the swing guard in place. Isn't that simple? It is only visible from the bottom and it looks like this:

If you are suffering from this unfortunate fitting problem, come in today and we can get a price on a swing bar to fit your ring :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

From Vegas With Love....

For those of you who don't know, last month we had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas for the annual JCK jewelry show. JCK Las Vegas is big business, pretty much everyone in the industry is there and there are 4 days dedicated to nothing but jewelry and really, what could be better?! I got to attend this year and even though it was a little overwhelming having a bajillion jewelry vendors selling everything you could think of, I had a BLAST! While shopping for fabulous items to bring home to good ol' Port Saint John I couldn't help but do a little shopping for myself.

At the very end of the very last day, Marty, Kathy and I were browsing the show to see everything we possibly could and happened to run into an incredible find! BH Multi was there and caught my eye immediately.This company has accounts creating jewelry for places such as Lord and Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue and now for Kline's Jewelry! They have amazing designs ranging from fashion jewelry to Bridal and everything is very unique.
Check out our new beauties!

And last my personal favorite, and new friend :)

We can't wait to go again next year!